2006: Communicator of the Year

  • Winner: Gillian Hodgetts, Buckinghamshire Shared Services

This is a special award that is given to an oustanding communicator who deserves special recognition for their work.

Gillian Hodgetts is the Head of Communications at Buckinghamshire Shared Services and she provides a host of communication services across a range of NHS organisations. As well as providing a communications service to the Customer Trusts, Gill sits on the Executive team for Buckinghamshire Shared Services, providing strategic support to the organisation as a whole and to the other service leads.

She was commended in particular for her determination, enthusiasm and passion for NHS Communications; for her success at ensuring NHS organisations locally have communications professionals at Board level and for her role in working alongside Chief Executives and Directors to increase significantly the communications resource within organisations. She has also been extremely influential at a national level and sits on a number of Expert working groups and has worked closely with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in order to seek IPR accreditation for communications training.

Judge: Mr Matt Tee, Director of Communications, DH

Judge's Comment: Gill received clear endorsement from a number of senior colleagues and provided good evidence of successful delivery and reputation management.

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