Membership Application Form

How to apply

The AHC welcomes new members. Membership is open to anyone working in patient and public involvement, communications, media relations, consumer affairs or marketing within the NHS and social care.

You can also join if you work freelance or for a consultancy, provided that a substantial part (at least 50%) of your work is for NHS, or social care and health clients.

You can also join if you are a student studying for a relevant communications, media or marketing/PR course - see section entitled ‘Joining as a student’.


The cost of AHC membership is £50 a year as a full member and £25 a year as a student. Cheques should be made payable to The Association of Healthcare Communicators. If you wish to be invoiced, please provide a PO/invoice number in the ‘About you’ section.

Recommend a friend

Once a member, you can save money on your subscription renewal by recommending a colleague to join the AHC. Each new member who joins on your recommendation will earn you a £10 discount on your subscription renewal (up to a maximum of £30). Forms must be jointly submitted to qualify.


You can join the AHC at any time of the year. However, there are two dates in the year when your membership renewal becomes due - April or October. You will automatically be sent a renewal reminder in the month closest to when you joined. There are no pro-rata arrangements.

Please complete and submit the application form below.

And if you have any queries about membership, please call or fax Kate Baldwin on 01525 222155, or you can email her at: or by post to:

Kate Baldwin, The Association of Healthcare Communicators, PO Box 4277, Dunstable, LU6 2WU.

About you

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  • Surname 
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  • Have you been a member before?   Yes     No
  • If yes, please state when  
  • How did you learn about the AHC? Please state

About your job

  • Job title 
  • Department name  
  • Number of staff 
  • Employer / organisation 
  • Name of your Strategic Health Authority/Health Board 
  • Time spent with current employer 
  • How long have you worked in health communications? 
  • If you are self-employed, or work for a consultancy, are all of your clients from the health and social care sector   yes     no  
  • If no, please state what proportion of your work is for the health and social care sector or a related charity? 
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  • Invoice address (if different from above)

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  • Where you work  

Joining as a student

Student membership is awarded on a case by case basis and proof is required, ie a photocopy of NUS/University card or signed letter from your course tutor. 

  • Name of University/College 
  • Address

  • City  
  • Postcode 
  • Course of study 
  • Date started    (mm/dd/yy)

Data protection

The information on this form will be held by the AHC while you remain a member. It is used by the Association to maintain its membership lists.

  • From time to time, the AHC may disclose your details to carefully selected organisations that it feels can provide interesting and relevant information. If you do not wish your name to be passed on to other mailing lists, please tick this box.

Member’s declaration

  • Tick this box to confirm that the above information is correct