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The following description of an AHC course on 'handling communications in a crisis' illustrates some of the features of AHC training.

How many times have you been faced with a crisis, a room full of journalists and an angry parent?

In this AHC course on Crisis Communications, participants had to manage a cover up by the Chief Executive, the Chairman and the Medical Director of a Trust.

'Frightening', 'my heart is racing' and 'terrifying' were a few of the comments as the team embarked on a hands on project to manage communications.

The scenario was that a Trust had begun an investigation into organs removed from deceased patients and the report had not been made public. This was a familiar situation at the time and all AHC courses are based around up to the minute real life scenarios.

Participants worked in groups and had a very realistic one and a half hours to deliver a press statement and a strategy for the Board before holding a press conference. At the press conference there were local, national and specialist papers as well as the distraught parent of a child who had died at the hospital six years previously. Members of the AHC committee and the IPR played these roles and gave participants an unforgettable learning experience.

And olives played a role as well. The scenario was about taking tissue without consent - and the unscrupulous journalists tried to get a photo with the Chief Executive and a bottle of olives. Olives will never seem innocent again!


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